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So humbling to witness the process in addition to the product! I would love to see him at a smaller venue where he could really connect with the crowd. Also, it's so cool to hear him rap at ridiculously fast paces. He's got superb talent and you should listen to his stuff and then go to his shows and experience the awe that comes with witnessing this amazing performer. Best show I've been to! The vibes were amazing and everyone was truly there for the music. Logic is all about peace, love, and positivity and he brings that to the stage.

He really loves his fans and encouraged everyone to treat each other like family. He gave shout outs to young kids in the crowd and even brought a couple girls on stage to rap with him. Someone in the middle of the crowd got hurt and he immediately stopped the music and everything and had everyone clear a path and the security team carried the guy out to safety within seconds. It was awesome! A lot of people got there pretty early to start lining up.

It didn't take too long to see him perform and even if it did, it was worth it! When they let us in, they played the live recording of Jimmy Kimmel, and after that, some guy came out to get us hyped up.

Logic - 1-800-273-8255 ft. Alessia Cara, Khalid

The music started playing and it went over like twice so the cameras can record good shots and footage from different angles. Once Logic came out, everyone was so hyped! He performed extra songs after the ones he needed to do for the show. He talked to us separately and preached good shit. He's a great artist and a great individual. This is my second concert, but my first hip-hop concert.

Logic Pro X - Apple (SG)

I was blown away and I feel like it didn't even happen. Logic has so much energy and he relates to his fans. I will never forget this experience. He looked up at me and asked my name and age. Then shouted me out to the whole audience and everyone started to scream. Also Ansel Elgort was there. I saw him, but I didn't know it was him , he was just in the audience. I went to see Logic quite a while back in January and the Rave in Milwaukee WI, and it was one of the best experiences in my life.

The down to earth sensation you get from Logic as a whole is so rare to find among the hip hop community and I was honored to even be in the same room as him. Not only was Logic amazing, but Micheal Christmas opened for him and now he is defiantly one of my favorite people.

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If you ever get the opportunity to go see Logic I definitely recommend it, and can't wait until he tours again. Logic I dont even know if words can describe how good he was , but I will try. His performance hands down was amazing , outstanding such a great performer. Logic is not just a great performer but also a good person from heart! Always gonna be a logic fan! So worth going to see and being front row would be so worth it. And Logics performance was like nothing I've ever seen before;absolutely amazing. And the best thing about it was that he was interacting with his fans in the crowd also.

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  • Also his dj's set was so much fun. I felt nothing but good vibes and positivity from Logic and the crowd. DJ Hoppa and Dizzy Wright had an amazing opening to the concert, it was lit. Logic is a humble and down to earth guy and you can tell he cares about his fans, he just wanted everybody to vibe out and have a good time.

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    • Best concert,best Valentine's Day,best day ever what else could I possibly ask for? Logic was amazing! If I wasn't so tired I would have also gone to the show in Boston the next night. He did his music, some entertaining by throwing in comedy between a song or 2. I will gladly see him again when he goes back on tour and comes around. Peace, love and positivity. Concert was insane.

      The set was similar to his TITS tour, but he had a lot of different stuff.

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      He was really hyped up and showed a lot of love. The funniest part was when he asked who's birthday it was. One guy raised his hand, so he checked the guys ID, and he was lying. He also had the whole crowd sing happy birthday to the guy and instantaneously had his name up on the screen.

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      It was my first time seeing him live and he is just such a fun, loyal artist to his fans. He kept talking to the fans, sharing stories, even pulled one up on stage and talked about their Twitter convo and how he payed for the fan's tickets. He is honestly one of the most talented rappers I've ever come across and he has so much love for my city, Chicago!!! Keep doing your thing Logic, you are loved!

      I got tickets to the show as a gift from my parents for my 14 birthday. It was my first concert ever and all I can say is that it was easily one of the most amazing nights of my life.

      Logic Pro X

      Logic put on Ana amazing show and was avale to keep the crowd going for hours. Highly recommend seeing him live. Fantastic show, Logic always knows how to turn up and keep us involved. Played a lot of good songs and brought out bryson tiller! Only downside was that the Minnesota State Fair had to shut it down early because of noise laws that come into affect at 10pm.

      Definitely recommend seeing him. I was so disappointed in this show. I barely had the money to buy the tickets and all he did was talk through the whole show and had people singing on stage for him. Awesome show! As pre-band one DJ, two rappers. Logic himself with 3 pianists and another DJ. Perfect mix of HipHop, inclusion of audience and funny improvs.

      View Seating Chart. Buy Tickets at Etix Or call Proudly sponsored by SleepNumber. Prof Minnesota hip-hop artist Prof spent the early part of the s amassing a strong loyal following and distributing nearly , records through his own imprint, Stophouse, before signing to Rhymesayers Entertainment in , which helped propel him to the next stage of his career. Thursday, Aug. Related Information Favorite. Logic Website.