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There is, already, a sense of elegy and admonishment, that McKendrick is resentful of the borders that restrict movement, of toxic flags, of expired empire. How many ways are there to damage a man? Emotional repression.

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Toxic masculinity. Drug use and withdrawal. Lack of money.

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Lack of attention. Lack of anything to do. Working Class Voodoo is the closest a book of poetry has ever come to the feeling of being completely immersed in the full-blown adrenaline-flood of an episode.

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There is an achieving stability here as well, but it is a painful process, and it leaves scars. How beautiful they are too. Jinx by Abigail Parry Bloodaxe. Jinx is packed with intricate and delicious language; it delights in wordplay and in the savour of syllables. And play again. Feral by Kate Potts Bloodaxe. The images are always arresting and Potts has a skill for turning the everyday and familiar into something unique and freshly coined.

This collection reverberates with overlapping waves of physical detail of the things we miss a thousand times a day, contrary thoughts, and passages that become haphazard, twisted, hardscrabble, ingrowing. The force with which Ramlochan writes is astonishing, the anger and bravery of these poems often leaving me breathless. Rabbit by Sophie Robinson Boiler House. A virtuoso book, uncovering, recovering, and examining the pains and concerns of self-isolation, desire, shame, sex, relationships and false standards in modern society.

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These poems have an outstanding ear for the ways in which we hurting ourselves as a way to let out the aggression in us. Much like its brilliant faux-fur wraparound cover, this book fucks with expected form, is neither wholly soft nor angular, tossing the usual literary defaults for dealing with such issues into the incinerator and then watching to see whatever remains rise from the updrafts.

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It moved me to tears. I am profoundly grateful so have experienced such a new way of writing about, through, and deeper into those insecurities. Soho by Richard Scott Faber.

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Rarely has a debut collection arrived so fully formed, accomplished and exciting. I like nothing more than echoes of a couple of thousand years of poetic allusion and Scott clearly delights in his forebears, from Verlaine to Donne to Whitman, either explicitly or obliquely, both in form or credit. Soho is a joy, like Richard himself, an exuberant, courageous, honest triumph.

Green Noise by Jean Sprackland Cape. Green Noise pulses, throbs, buzzes and creaks with the footfall of nature and the range of our human interactions with the natural world. The joy of reading Sprackland is in her quiet command of form and language, the clarity of imagery and that sense of shared memory, shared experience heightened by a presentation of the known unknown, found again and presented anew.

It is a collection which I will treasure. Three Poems by Hannah Sullivan Faber. Three Poems stood out this year for its cleverness, confidence and clarity, as well as a fourth C, its undeniable coolness.

The History of Forgetting

Determinedly marketed as a successor to T. Eliot and Ezra Pound, these three pieces suggest to me something far more recognisably female, exploring the risk and exhilaration of arrival in a new city as a young woman, and the freedoms and disenchantments of that dislocation. I am impressed by poems two and three, which are quieter, sensitive to the ecstasy and cataclysm of family life. It is a engrossing, exhausting protest against forgetting, unbearably sad, but a sadness that by turns will make you more aware, attentive, alert, alive, aglow. The big-budget TV serial has become a force to be reckoned with; box-sets and binge-watching are common currency, and the advent of streaming services has changed how we engage with long-form storytelling.

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