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Scientific Reports DOI: Ali H. Al-Timemy, Khushaba, R. Broz F. Talking about task progress: Towards integrating task planning and dialog for assistive robotic services. Journal of Behavioral Robotics, 6 1 , Chizhov, A. Simplest relationship between local field potential and intracellular signals in layered neural tissue. Fitting multiple projective models using clustering-based Markov chain Monte Carlo inference.

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Neural Networks, doi Smith A. Novel hybrid adaptive controller for manipulation in complex pertubation environments. Vollmer A-L.

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Recent Advances in Cognitive Radios

Where should I go? Spatial working memory on a radial arm maze in a rat model of depression. A method for the reconstruction of unknown non-monotonic growth functions in the chemostat. Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineerings, Online First. Tills O. A novel application of motion analysis for detecting stress responses in embryos at different stages of development. BMC bioinformatics, 14 1 , Waddington J. The distribution of quick phase interval durations in human optokinetic nystagmus. Experimental Brain Research , pp.

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How it Works: What makes a cognitive system different?

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Proceedings 论文集

Royal Soc. B Biol Sci. Application of arachnid prey localisation theory for a robot sensorimotor controller. Neurocomputing 74 17 , pp. Attention deployment during memorizing and executing complex instructions. Experimental Brain Research, 2 , pp. Balaguer-Ballester E. C, Seamans J. PLoS Computational Biology 7 5 : e Phase-of-firing information coding in laminar cortical architecture.

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Motor Control 15, pp. Ingram J. A single-rate context-dependent learning process underliesrapid adaptation to familiar object dynamics, PLoS Computational Biology 7 9 : e Masud M. Statistical technique for analysing functional connectivity of multiple spike trains. J Neurosci Methods. Epub Jan Mill R. PLoS Computational Biology, 7.

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Brain Research. Epub Aug Olbrich E. The sleeping brain as a complex system. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. The mechanics of embodiment: A dialogue on embodiment and computational modelling. Frontiers in Psychology, 2 5 , pp. Rumbell T. Emotions in autonomous agents: comparative analysis of mechanisms and functions. Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems. Schmitz A. Tikhanoff V. Language understanding in humanoid robots: iCub simulation experiments. Uno R. Sun and C. Yang, D. Gao and J. Ganesh, S. Haddadin, S. Parusel, Albu-Schaeffer A. Evidence for frequency-dependent extracellular impedance from the transfer function between extracellular and intracellular potentials.

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Neuron 66, pp. Marsden J. Cerebellar ataxia: pathophysiology and rehabilitation. Clinical Rehabilitation 25, pp. Regular patterns stabilize auditory streams. Interaction Studies Howard I. Context dependent partitioning of motor learning in bimanual movements. Multiple grasp-specific representations of tool dynamics mediate skilful manipulation. Current Biology 20 7 , pp. Lanyon L. PLoS One, 5 6. MacLeod N. Time to automate identification, Nature, , pp.

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Biomimetics of human movement: functional or aesthetic? Modelling the effects of attention at the single cell level leads to realistic saccadic timing. Journal of Cognitive Neurodynamics, 3, pp. Lopes M. Adaptive Behaviour. Montesano L. A Computational Model of Object Affordances.

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