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No inscription. Not price clipped. Book Description Airlife Publishing, Shrewsbury, Seller Inventory KHB Donald Nijboer. Publisher: The Crowood Press Ltd , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title The diagrams and photographs in this volume enable readers to see close up the cramped, cold, exposed turrets in which so many young men fought and died during World War II.

Gunner: An Illustrated History of World War II Aircraft Turrets and Gun Positions

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Seller Rating:. Seller Image. In contrast,. Weight is not a significant factor, as they are generally the same usually they are the same between both calibers for similar versions e.

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II turret and a. II turret both have a weight of Firing speed is also not a significant factor; it is not known whether there is a firing speed difference, but the. In contrast, the 20mm cannon turrets from the Secret Weapons DLC are generally slightly heavier than the other two turrets and fire noticeably slower than the.

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However, the 20mm turrets deal significantly higher damage, being beat slightly only by. III deals damage per second, the 20mm Mk. III deals , and the. III deals As of the December 15, update, all four turrets have ammo feed upgrades available.

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These provide the gunner with infinite ammo, removing the need for the gunner or another crew member to go to the ammo box to restock a given turret periodically. It should be noted that the ammo feeds provide infinite magazines and not one single infinitely large clip, so the gunner will still have to stop briefly to reload. Development of the spherical Emerson was halted. The Sperry nose turret was tested and preferred, but its use was limited due to poor availability of suitable aircraft designs.

The Sperry-designed ventral system saw widespread use and production, including much sub-contracting. The ventral turret was used in tandem in the Convair B , successor to the B Ball turrets appeared in the nose and tail as well as the nose of the final series B The Sperry ball turret was very small [ clarification needed ] in order to reduce drag, and was typically operated by the smallest man of the crew. To enter the turret, the turret was moved until the guns were pointed straight down.


The gunner placed his feet in the heel rests and occupied his cramped station. He would put on a safety strap and close and lock the turret door. There was no room inside for a parachute, which was left in the cabin above the turret.

Gunner An Illustrated History of World War II Aircraft Turrets and Gun Positions

A few gunners wore a chest parachute. The gunner was forced to assume a fetal position within the turret with his back and head against the rear wall, his hips at the bottom, and his legs held in mid-air by two footrests on the front wall. The cocking handles were located too close to the gunner to be operated easily, so a cable was attached to the handle through pulleys to a handle near the front of the turret.

The Rear Gunner (1943)

Another factor was that not all stoppages could be corrected by charging cocking the guns. In many cases, when a stoppage occurred, it was necessary for the gunner to "reload" the gun, which required access to the firing chamber of the guns.