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Enterprise interoperability - Wikipedia

Enterprise interoperability is the ability of an enterprise—a company or other large organization—to functionally link activities, such as product design , supply chains , manufacturing, in an efficient and competitive way. The research in interoperability of enterprise practised in is various domains itself Enterprise Modelling , Ontologies , Information systems , Architectures and Platforms which it is a question of positioning. Enterprise architecture EA presents a high level design of enterprise capabilities that defines successful IT projects in coherence with enterprise principals and business related requirements.

EA covers mainly i the business capabilities analysis and validation; ii the development of business, application, data and technical architectures and solutions, and finally iii the control of programme and project implementation and governance. The application of EA methodology feeds the enterprise repository reference frame with sets of building blocks used to compose the targeted system.

Interoperability Across the Enterprise

The interoperability can be considered either as a principal, requirement or constraint that impact the definition of patterns to compose building blocks in the definition of targeted architectural roadmap. In this scope, EA within the TOGAF perspective, [2] aims to reconcile interoperability requirements with potential solutions that make developed systems interoperable.

To preserve interoperability, several enterprise interoperability frameworks can be identified in the literature:. The majority of these frameworks considers enterprise at several aspects, viewpoints or abstraction levels: business, process, knowledge, application, technology, data, technic, etc. MuleSoft offers solutions to create interoperability in the field of healthcare. With support for healthcare information standards such as HL7 and MLLP, organizations can create secure connectivity on-premises and in the cloud.

MuleSoft also offers integration solutions for businesses in all industries.

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With a robust set of solutions, Anypoint Platform helps businesses create interoperability between systems, software, and applications. Moreover, by maximizing reuse and taking advantage of existing functionality, MuleSoft saves businesses from the traditional rip and replace methods that can be costly and extensive. MuleSoft offers integration solutions to help businesses stay connected and keep their systems operating seamlessly. Home Resources Articles Hybrid integration Interoperability across the enterprise.

Interoperability Across the Enterprise Ensuring seamless interoperability between applications, software, services, and systems across the enterprise is crucial in building a robust IT ecosystem.

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